Preparing tax returns is important

 for anyone who wants to live or work in the United States.

Investing, starting a business or living in the US can have many tax consequences. Therefore, as with the immigration and visa process when starting a business, tax decisions need to be made, both in the country of origin and in the United States.

Legal residents of the United States are considered tax residents upon arrival in the country, are automatically considered tax residents, and are therefore required to pay state taxes. Likewise, every company, regardless of the type of corporation, is also subject to tax. That’s why international tax planning is essential for anyone who wants to open a business, live or work in the United States.

International Heritage Program - What is it?

A tool to synchronize decisions to preserve assets and avoid double taxation in all countries. It depends on the 3 basic poles.

Asset Protection

Segregation of assets in situations that would make them unnecessarily dangerous. This practice applies to Brazilian and offshore assets.

Progression Planning

This is a process that the owner manages to avoid some of the costly and inconvenient side effects of future sales processes.

Tax Planning

The choice of heavy taxation.