Companies that are internationalizing

their brand in the US market are increasingly in demand

The United States is the first step in entering the international market. The North American market, commercially friendly, is one of the most sought-after entrepreneurs who want to work abroad.

Starting a business in the USA is a simple, agile and unbureaucratic process. However, proper leadership is very important so that you can make a decision. An entrepreneur who wants to work in the United States must address other important issues, such as trademark registration, in addition to starting a business(trademark), choosing the ideal place to develop your business to maximize results, registering your business where it wants to be established, joining the US retirement system (to take advantage of market-based incentives and benefits) and, first and foremost, the US tax and labor law.

  • The rules for starting / opening a business in the United States vary from state to state.

  • Due to the accelerating bureaucratic process and the tax burden of competition, Florida and Delaware are the most sought-after states among Brazilians.

  • You do not need a social security number (SNN) or any US visa to have a valid passport.

  • Although it takes an average of one week to issue a license, the full launch and business process time can reach a total of 25 days.

  • There are many types of companies, but the most common for Brazilian entrepreneurs who want to operate in the US market are the Corporation and LLC (Limited Liability Company).

The benefits of


Set the state in which you want to open the business.


Choose the type of business.


Keep your business name.


Obtain a physical US address.


Hire a registered representative.


Register your business properly.


Apply for the Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN).


Open an American bank acount


Set the state in which you want to open the business.

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Trademark Registerations

In the US, a trademark is the registration of any name, logo, or slogan used to identify a company, product, or service. It is intellectual property and allows the public to identify your business that sets your product or service apart.

Trademark registration is essential to protect the most valuable assets of your business. Because it is a very strong economy and a more attractive market, market protection has proven to be a fundamental strategy for managing businesses on American soil.