Roatan Buyers agent – 7 benefits of buying a ready-to-live-in apartment

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Many people prefer to live in apartments rather than houses. One of the main reasons is that, in general, apartments are safer and more reserved.

It is possible to buy a property ready or in the plant. Both can be financed. And both have their advantages and disadvantages. But when it comes to choosing, which is better? What is the best value for money?

Below, we highlight 7 advantages of buying a ready-to-live-in apartment!

  1. Immediate availability to live

The first advantage we can mention is that the ready-to-live-in apartment offers immediate availability. If you buy the property in the plant, you will have to wait for the execution of the project to be able to move. The wait takes a few months or, depending on the builder or unforeseen circumstances, a year or more. And the worst thing is that the work is not always the same as the project.

A finished property can be occupied immediately; there is no need to wait. If the need for change is urgent, you will have no problem.

  1. Possibility to visit the apartment

For more detail-oriented people, this is a relevant advantage. After all, you will be able to personally visit the apartment and see everything live. Not all people can interpret a floor plan and, even with 3D demonstrations (either through electronic models or physical models), some do not feel confident to purchase a property that they have not actually visited.

A ready-to-live-in apartment can be inspected point by point. You will be able to analyze the finish (painting, coatings, lining), the conditions of the structure and installations, the bedrooms, the space of the kitchen, bathroom and living rooms. Finally, it is possible to analyze everything in detail.

The property can even present accessibility items that divide the environments, optimizing spaces.

  1. Convenience to enjoy the property

When looking for a Roatan Commercial Real Estate, comfort and safety are certainly priorities. If the property needs renovations, it is because it is not ready to be occupied.

You will be able to visit, make the payment and take possession of the apartment to enjoy the comfort it offers. You will even be able to negotiate prices or interest rates. You will not be concerned about the delivery date and possible incompatibilities of the work performed with the architectural project.

  1. Information about neighbors

By buying a ready-to- live -in apartment , you are able to obtain important information about your neighbors. In the same condominium, people of different profiles can live, not always compatible with yours.

For example, neighbors who think they own the condominium are often arrogant and rebellious to discipline, which can cause problems for other residents and the landlord.

It’s also important to get to know the other residents to get an idea of ​​the people your children will be in contact with. Currently, the concern for children not to get involved with bad company is fundamental so that they do not fall into drug addiction or even the practice of criminal actions.

Anyone who thinks that crime is limited to the poorest environments, such as slums, is wrong. It can act in a camouflaged way in any sector of society.

  1. Accurate appraisal of the apartment you are buying

You will not evaluate the project, you will evaluate the actual property, with its qualities and defects. You will be able to make sure that the published images of the apartment really correspond to reality.

As it is a closed condominium, you will be able to analyze not only the unit, but the entire space in which it is inserted. Checking the security level of the place is very important: the presence of an electric perimeter fence, 24-hour cameras, the form of access (biometrics, magnetic card, password typing), security professionals, etc.

You will also have the opportunity to observe the public areas, the space for leisure (especially for children), the existence of many or few facilities in the condominium (entertainment, commerce), the size of the parking spaces in the garage and so on.

You will also be able to talk to other residents and know their opinion about the place.

  1. Better planning of the occupancy of the property

Opting for a ready-to-live-in apartment allows you to plan better to occupy the property. For example, the budget becomes predictable and confers less risk in the acquisition. It is possible, in a financing , to give a lower down payment and divide the rest into installments that fit in your pocket.

You are paying for what you see, for what you will enjoy right away. You will be able to organize yourself to take your goods and occupy the space in the most profitable way. If necessary, you will have the opportunity to get rid of something or even add something to your furniture or other belongings.

Depending on how many people live in the apartment, you will be able to organize and prepare the rooms for them. Likewise, you can organize yourself if you have animals or like to grow plants.

  1. Greater autonomy

We can say that a ready-to-live-in apartment gives the buyer more autonomy as it is not necessary to wait and be in doubt about the results. Apartments in the plant involve a greater conditioning of the buyer to the builder/developer.

While the property is in the plant or in the execution phase, problems may occur, the retirement situation of the buyer may change; force majeure events may interfere and go against their expectations and even those of the company responsible for the project.

With a finished property in your hands, you can do whatever you want. Even if it’s ready, you have the right to increase it, change some installation, build another room, plant a garden and even resell it if you think it’s appropriate and find another property whose purchase is more advantageous.

As for the flat on the floor, you can only focus expectations on the future. For the moment, you just have to wait and hope that everything goes as planned and the deadline is met.

These are some of the advantages of buying a ready-to-live-in apartment. Most people looking for security and more reliability in their transactions opt for it.

Are you looking for a property ready to buy and live? Contact Realtor Roatan Honduras and check out the options it can offer!

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