Retirement Advisor: Here are three things he can do for you

Retirement Advisor

More and more often , those who want to make s rely on their trusted Retirement Advisor (previously the figure was called Retirement Advisor) or that of their bank. In this article we are going to see three things that your Retirement Advisor is doing for you, without you noticing.

  1. Makes you assume the correct profile

A good Retirement Advisor analyzes your patrimonial, family and professional situation in a concrete and detailed way and prepares an plan that is consistent with your objectives.

During this phase, in fact, it is necessary to fully hit the right risk / return profile for you, to avoid jeopardizing the capital but also to avoid not letting you get the right returns from the markets.

Both erroneously and erroneously are considered a planning error.

  1. It makes you make the right choices

To invest in the markets you need method and discipline ; retirement markets in fact have phases of expansion and phases of contraction that follow certain metrics. There is no wonder in this.

The Retirement Advisor in this phase supports you like a mental coach, in moments of market reversal. It will most likely suggest that you buy when you plan to sell or sell when you want to buy.

This advice may sound strange to you but instead it is more than justified. There are many studies which highlight how, if you did not have a professional to support you and act on the markets independently, your returns would be much lower (if not negative).

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  1. Follow the situation day by day and plan your life together with you

A true Retirement Advisor does not just propose how to invest but checks you day by day the progress of your s in order to be able to propose the necessary adjustments, if and when necessary.

Plus, with a retirement advisor you can tackle many other issues in your life. You will be able to reflect on how to prepare for retirement, yourself and your loved ones. Plan the home purchase, using forms of financing other than the classic mortgage. Talk to us about how to pass on your wealth to your children as effectively as possible and we can also discuss how to take care of your business.

So, as you have just seen, your Retirement Advisor can and must be a partner of maximum value for your interests.

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