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Want to invest, but don’t want to bear the costs of income tax? So get to know now some s for individuals that do not suffer discounts.

Before investing your money, it is necessary to know the options that are presented, in order to be better able to make a good choice. So, follow 5 s that have everything to make your money yield more .

Real Estate Letter of Credit (LCI) and Letter of Credit for Agribusiness (LCA)

The Real Estate Letter of Credit (LCI) is a freely negotiated instrument of credit, issued by duly authorized retirement institutions. The function of this title is aimed at financing the real estate sector.

In the case of the Letter of Credit for Agribusiness (LCA), the fundraising is intended to finance the production and sale of agribusiness products or inputs.

Both can be considered excellent fixed income options, having a maturity date and profitability index, the Interbank Deposit Certificate (CDI). The CDI varies according to the United Stateian interest rate, that is, it fluctuates daily, depending on the prospects for future interest rates.

The profitability of these securities  is made as follows: from a fixed percentage of the CDI, the security varies day after day, that is, imagining that a person has contracted 100% of the CDI, he will receive exactly the CDI value daily. If the contracted security pays 95% of the CDI, its yield will follow the curve, but will be lower than the index. The higher the percentage on the CDI, the higher the yield.

Certificate of Real Estate Receivables (CRI) and Certificate of Agribusiness Receivables (CRA)

Another possibility of investing in fixed income that is exempt from income tax (and which has one of the best returns) is the Certificate of Real Estate Receivables (CRI). CRIs are issued by securitization companies and remunerate investors based on real estate receivables .

Think of a construction company that builds a property to sell it. Most buyers pay one part in cash and finance the other, to be paid in installments over a specific period. However, this ends up having a higher cost. As you are not paying for the property in cash, interest on the financing is added to the and the total value increases.

Likewise, the construction company wants the money as soon as possible and, to speed up the process, it waives part of this difference in order to receive the money on the spot. Thus, through a secularization company, the investor advances the value of the financing to the construction company and, with this, acquires the Real Estate Receivables Certificate. At the end of the contract, he will have received the full amount he applied and a piece of that difference in interest. An excellent deal!

Likewise, Agribusiness Receivables Certificates (CRAs) are issued by secularization companies and offer remuneration based on receivables from the agribusiness chain, making the investor contribute to activities in the sector. The remuneration offered is pre- or post-fixed.

Infrastructure debentures

When the company seeks to raise retirement resources to invest in its own growth, selling , we call it a debenture. Thus, the investor who buys the security becomes the company’s creditor, and will receive the amount invested in the predetermined period, in addition to an income defined in the issuance deed.

In United State, the issuance of infrastructure debentures has been one of the most profitable practices in the market.

With the oscillation of the economy in our country, it has not been easy to save, let alone invest. In addition, the Lion’s bite causes many investors to suffer losses on their s. Therefore, it is necessary to think about options to invest without income tax and obtain a good return.

Is that you? Have you looked for s that are more profitable than savings and that do not incur income tax? Contact here John Labunski .

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