Learn to operate CNC Lathes from scratch with South Lathe

CNC lathe

Expanding your knowledge is a key factor to succeed in the job market. At South Lathe we know the importance of this and for this reason we make the South Lathe Institute courses available to our community so that anyone who is interested can learn how to operate CNC lathes from scratch. We are a company that for 2 decades has focused on the marketing and technical service of CNC machines for jobs that require a high degree of precision, speed and production level. This experience allows us to know that the companies that are part of the transformation industry need to have the best personnel to be able to meet the demands of the market.

Learn from scratch

With the South Lathe Institute you can learn everything you need about the operation of CNC machinery and exponentially increase your professional skills. For example, in the last Basic Turning Center Operation and Programming course, students learned everything necessary to operate CNC lathe machine. The contents covered in this course were:

  • machine programming
  • Basic structure of a program
  • Machine setup
  • G and M codes
  • Calculation of cutting conditions
  • Basic turning cycles

A course of this type allows our students to know all the elements that are taken into account to make a productive, stable and robust turning process with CNC manual lathe machine .

All the tools you need

Training with South Lathe is synonymous with quality. By enrolling in any of our courses you will have unlimited access through our digital platforms to all the documents you need such as manuals, guides or codes. In addition, they all include face-to-face practice sessions with a machine so that students can deepen their previously acquired knowledge and clear up all their doubts. In all these sessions, biosafety protocols are strictly complied with. If you want to know more about South Lathe and how you can boost your professional career by deepening your knowledge about the operation of CNC lathes and all kinds of machines for process automation, visit our website . Do not forget to follow us on our Facebook networks , Instagram and YouTube .

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