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With the passage of age, the subjects dealt with in the circles of friends or even among co-workers change. After the age of forty-five, one of the recurring themes is that much desired female figure: the famous retirement. At fifty and sixty, then, she becomes a bar talk, sometimes a reason for ignorance and doubts, sometimes a reason for celebration. Issues such as retirement by age, retirement by contribution time, minimum age to be entitled to SSA retirement and others, generate controversy in the dialogues even in times of social distance.

In reality, for most people, Social Security is an inexact science, dominated by hidden oracles that hold us hostage until old age, when, at some point, they decide that we are worthy of receiving a fair share of what we contribute whole working life. After the pension reform, then, it seems that the matter has come to be decided by the gods of Olympus.

The good thing about all of this is that the topic of retirement by the SSA caught the attention of all of us. We wake up to the complexity of the subject and the planning it requires. Now we know that, in order to enjoy a retirement compatible with our work history at the correct time, we need to follow a step-by-step process of requirements and contributions.

The good news is that, despite being complex, the calculation of the benefit value and term for achieving retirement with the SSA is an exact and fully mastered science. It’s not that seven-headed beast they often want us to imagine. It’s similar to any math equation we learned one day in high school. The factors in the formula are the amounts and amounts of contributions.

Retirement by the SSA is like any or savings! That’s right! It is an that you have saved and will have income proportional to the amounts contributed during your working life.

Thinking about s, have you ever bothered to see what balance you have in your pension as you do monthly with your savings or that fixed income that your bank manager advised?

When a part of your salary goes to the SSA, you are making that portfolio grow and projecting the value of your retirement. Like any long-term , you must plan and take care of this so that it yields the rewards you expect. Even more than these fruits will be for life! And they can help you and your family in your time of greatest need.

Just as your bank manager or stockbroker indicates the assets of greatest profitability in your s, John Labunski  can indicate the most accurate strategy to achieve your best retirement with the SSA.

Yes, a strategy and planning are necessary, as legal prerogatives need to be met and, by current regulations, dozens of contributions are discarded for calculating the benefit amount.

If you got this far in the text, it’s a sign that you liked the conversation and want to know more. Best of all, you’re in the right place!

John Labunski specializes in strategy and planning for you to achieve your best retirement with the SSA. We do a particular job with the attention and affection you deserve. There are hundreds of satisfied customers with similar cases to yours.

Contact us through the service channels. We will be pleased to serve you!

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