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IPhone Battery Swells What To Do

iPhone Battery Swells What To Do?

Today we want to talk about a problem that is not too common but that concerns faulty iPhones or those that have been powered incorrectly: the swollen battery.

What happens in these cases?

What do we have to do?

Here are all the answers to the iPhone Battery Inflate problem .

Lithium -ion batteries , also known as Li-Ion batteries, are nothing more than accumulators specially designed to be recharged several times, almost indefinitely.

The point is that, unlike the old nickel-cadmium batteries , these are designed not to suffer from the “memory” effect, that is the tendency to progressively reduce the autonomy due to the “memory” of the previous recharge.

This means that they are certainly more powerful and performing but that, in some cases, continuous recharging and little attention to its correct use could lead to problems and operating anomalies.

Battery Inflate iPhone Causes and Solutions         

For iPhones, Apple has promoted the 40-80 rule with iOS 13 which establishes that for the maintenance of optimal functioning the battery should always remain in a degree of autonomy ranging from 40% to 80%.

This means that you should not wait for the autonomy to drop below 40% and that the device should be unplugged when it reaches 80%.

The reason lies in the suffering of this type of batteries at high temperatures.

Using other brands of charging devices , leaving the device charging all the time or exposing it to heat sources can seriously damage the battery and, therefore, cause it to swell.

Use the battery carefully

It should also be considered that this problem can occur if the device is left completely discharged for too long or used intensively.

The iPhone battery works by moving lithium ions from one electrode to another when charged, and conversely, when used , the shift is reversed .

Migration is facilitated by a volatile and highly flammable organic chemical compound, the electrolyte.

The two electrodes are immersed in this liquid and separated by a safety membrane which ensures that the battery is functioning normally.

When the process is altered for the reasons mentioned above, the liquid in motion causes the battery to swell and if you do not intervene immediately, gas may escape.

Battery Swells Hazards

When the battery swells you may observe malfunctions and the lifting of the screen that we talked about in our other article.

Ignoring this problem is really risky because we should never come into contact with the gases contained within the battery.

The device could also continue to swell and explode so our advice is to duel everything off, disconnect the device from any power cables and immediately take it for service.

iPhone Battery Replacement Service Center Oakville

If you have acted promptly you can solve the problem by replacing the battery in a qualified service centre to intervene on Apple devices such as  Cell2Fix

If the bulge has continued and the screen has stopped working or gas has escaped the internal components may have been damaged so the damage could be greater.

In any case, always try to intervene as soon as possible and if you have just purchased the device, remember that it may be covered by a guarantee, so you will be entitled to a replaceme