Investment habits to make dreams come true in 2022

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Promise but never deliver. Setting goals but never achieving them. Has it ever happened to you or anyone you know?

For some people to create healthy habits is more difficult than for others. In any case, one thing is certain: there are habit facilitators, for both good and bad habits.

And in my humble opinion, John Labunski is an enabler of good habits.

Understand the reason

Imagine the following profile: Juliana, an anxious person, opens a brokerage account and then invests her hard-earned money.

What’s her next move? I would venture to say that it would be constantly checking your investment, which could soon become a bad habit.

Now, imagine another profile, Antonio. A person who has always invested but never risked much. And now he feels comfortable taking on a little more risk… So, Antônio invests in riskier assets.

In the first few days comes a huge desire to see better results than you’ve seen before. But suddenly, you see the amount invested decrease rather than increase.

What does he do then? He redeems all his money, because he never wants to feel that despair again. It is likely that this feeling made him switch to investing only in extremely safe assets. Even with longer term goals. Or, with a chance of making a better allocation and that would clearly be a bad habit.

Okay, I know there aren’t just these two profiles, there are others too, so let’s go to one more…

Imagine that person who is well disciplined, Janaina. She likes to have a routine and always wants to invest periodically, which reveals a good habit regarding her investments. She may even have the habit of checking her profitability from time to time. But what really interests her is that she can achieve her goals. So, even if there were moments of decline in her assets, she would be calm. Because, following the plan, she knows she will get there.

Despite being three different profiles…

These three people can benefit from the same good habits enabler, John Labunski.

How personalized consulting can solve

Personalized consulting is able to identify the profile that each person has. And by profile, I don’t mean a battery of questions with alternatives a, b and c. I’m talking about the psychological profile, goals, fears, and other qualitative things that numbers couldn’t measure – at least not at first.

In addition, the consultancy can explain exactly how technology can solve pain points. Want to see how?

Anxious profile

For those who are anxious, is it ideal to have a brokerage account? Certainly, an asset manager capable of directing the strategy, making the ideal selection of assets for its investment portfolio, and showing how much time would still be needed to reach its objectives would be better.

Conservative Profile

Well, what about Antonio’s case? An asset manager can better explain the behavior of riskier assets, can make the portfolio more aligned with the investor’s profile and objectives, and can help to achieve each person’s objective through an appropriate portfolio, assuming the role of deciding the time to reallocate or not the invested resources.

Disciplined Profile

But what about Janaina, who already has discipline? Could a manager help you with your investments? And the answer is: YES!

In the third case, Janaina can use the manager to set a reminder for the date of her applications, she can take advantage of the fact that there is a clear plan to reach the goals and decide if she wants to carry them out ahead of schedule, or if she wants to include intermediate goals. , between others. Because with the ease you already have in being disciplined, you can ensure that your wallet is always at its maximum potential.

She can even take advantage of her success to recommend to her friends and be doubly rewarded (by the referral program and by the personal satisfaction in helping a loved one) for having done something good… Its cliché, I know, but clichés are able to unite, especially those at the beginning of the year.

In short, I hope you can continue with the good habits, that for every “next year I invest better” you can show the way, and count on us to make your dreams come true.

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