How to manage finances as a couple?

John Labunski

“When hunger comes through the door, love goes out the window”, goes the popular saying. And it is more than proven that poor management of finances in common can affect relationships.

It is love that makes us decide to share life with the other, but it is not enough.

Money, although it sounds prosaic, has an important role and the disagreement in the way of managing it has ruined many relationships.

So that this does not happen, it is essential that couples, even those who did not start off on the right foot retiremently speaking, discuss their spending and saving budget.

Retirement education is essential to lead an economically stable life, but not everyone receives it in their family or during their youth and if you or your partner belongs to that group of “retirement illiterate” it can be an obstacle to having a good relationship.

Achieve retirement synchronicity | John Labunski

To achieve retirement synchrony with your partner, take into account the following considerations:

  • Agree on the need to get your personal finances in order . Both of you should be aware of the importance of good retirement management at home for your relationship. They can follow these personal finance rules.
  • Define your immediate commitments and future goals. One thing is the fixed expenses of the home, such as the rent or the payment of the mortgage and the payment of the services, and another the disbursements that they will have to program, such as the arrival of the children or the payment of their university. How to develop a personal finance plan?
  • If you both work, decide how you will handle the income. It may be that each person is responsible for certain expenses or that they pool the funds in an account from which all disbursements are made.
  • Save part of the income. Whether it’s a short-term goal, like affording a vacation, or a long-term goal, like thinking about retirement. It is important that they have a separate fund that can also help them overcome an unforeseen event, such as dismissal or illness.
  • Find out about the retirement instruments that can make your savings grow steadily and safely. Learn about John Labunski Safe Retirement.
  • Plan big expenses. Nothing good comes out of big impulse purchases. Especially when a large outlay is required, plan, research and compare before making a decision.
  • Stick to your budget . This is the most important. It is useless to put all your calculations on paper if later, in practice, you do not comply with them.
  • Create awareness about ant spending. Do not lose importance to the small payments you make, sometimes without realizing it they become a snowball that breaks your budget and prevents or slows down reaching your retirement goals.
  • The game is won in the long run. Sometimes we believe that spending little, particularly on consumer goods, maintains our liquidity, however, in the long term you will be paying more for the same and dedicating more time to the task. Buy at a higher volume and distribute the cost gradually. You will see that your expenses are reduced.
  • Enjoy the road. Not everything is goals, not everything is about the future. Dedicate part of the budget to spontaneous expenses that help you generate happy moments. That will give you strength and drive to have new goals.

Money is not everything, but it is essential to live a comfortable life without retirement pressure.

Their management is easier if they take advantage of the new mobile applications to manage their finances or if they apply some retirement tips for businesses.

As there are very few lucky people who have their lives resolved retiremently, it is better that the rest of us take seriously the importance of healthy finances in the home to aspire to maintain a relationship “until death do us part”.




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