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One of the wildest pieces of the women’s wardrobe is the jeans and, therefore, it has been gaining several novelties, models and trends over the years, creating a huge variety of options.


With this, it is very common for some women to be in doubt about how to  choose the ideal jeans for their body, their daily life and their style.  Thinking in this way, we at Alifbazaar decided to create this guide to help you find, among  types of jeans , which one is the best model for you. Interested? So read on and learn with us:

5 tips for choosing the best women’s jeans

First of all, we need to understand that each woman has her own style and way of dressing, some prefer an elegant look, while others prefer a more casual style.

That’s why, among the  various points on how to choose jeans, there are 5 main ones that will be worked on below, focused on helping you choose a model compatible your style with Dubai online store, personality and, of course, your day to day. Check out:

  1. What is your style and your reality?

It is possible to make different types of  looks with jeans , that’s because there are several models. How do you like to dress? If you are the type of woman who prefers tighter clothes and more traditional shapes, the best would be Skinny.

If you are  a woman who values ​​comfort, freshness and mobility , the Slouchy, Pantalona and Clochard jeans models are the ones that best match. Finally, for women who prefer to stay more in a balance between wide and tight, the Mom and Straight models are best.

In addition to modeling, it’s nice to think a little about your reality. Let’s say you are a woman who never stops, as a businesswoman, mother and wife, there is a demand to go from one side to the other, solving different situations. Even loving Skinny modeling, the ideal women’s jeans to work and live this rush would be a wide cut. Balancing these two pieces of information is the starting point of the correct choice!

  1. How should jeans fit on the body?

The best women’s western wear in Dubai are the ones that fit right. Each model of pants has its specific effect on the female body. A very clear example is when we see  looks with mom pants , which always disguise the size of the hips and enhance the waist.

Jogger  pants, on the other hand, tend to value the hips more and sharpen the shin. So it’s ideal to find the effect you’re looking for: do you want to elongate your silhouette? pantalona. Want to emphasize hip and leg curves? Skinny. And it goes on like this. So just study what you are looking for in an alternative.

  1. Which is the best wash for you?

For women who are already a little more attuned to some very specific fashion content, the  Personal Color Chart  has become a common topic. But in case you still don’t have a general knowledge about it, know that each person has a color palette that best suits their appearance and personality.

Even if it is not directly linked to the washing of the pants, this presentation of the card helps to understand that the color chosen will make a difference in the final look.

For example, jeans that have some lighter parts require more caution. So, if this effect is on the thigh, it will have much more attention and highlight in the eyes of others. Another example is how  dark washes will help disguise your curves , while lighter washes will highlight them.

That way, choose the wash that best suits your desires and remember to try to explore jeans in different colors, such as khaki and other shades.

  1. How to buy jeans online?

Another point that comes up a lot when we get into the topic of how to choose jeans is the correct size when shopping online. Almost every woman has been through the situation of buying pants that are tight at the hip and wide at the waist, or with the perfect fit at the hip and the wrong length in the leg.

To get this right,  take your hip, waist and leg height measurements and use it as a base when placing your order.  Try to take into account the model you are buying. That is, if it’s a jogger pants, the hip needs to be bigger than yours, but if it’s a skinny, you can choose a size closer to your measurement.

  1. Which women’s jeans to wear to work?

Finally, let’s get back to the topic of pants for your office look. In these cases, three points are essential to check: the dress code, your daily life and your style .  Women’s jeans for work are the ones that balance these three topics, ensuring comfort during working hours, without leaving aside your personality and the restrictions of the service.

Now tell us, did you understand well how to choose jeans? If you still have any questions, we will be available to talk to you, see? Take the opportunity to check out our content on  how to wear pantaloons  and enjoy this with online stores in Dubai to enjoy.

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