A headless bed frame gives the impression of unfinished: this element does not take up space in the bedroom, but plays an important role in the decoration of the room. We therefore offer all kinds of headboards and headboards to personalize your adult bedroom. Whatever the dimensions of your bedding, you will find an adaptable model: we distribute 140 headboards as well as 160 headboards. The headboard gives style to the bedroom. It contributes to the atmosphere of this room dedicated to intimacy and rest. It helps to define the sleeping space. The padded headboard insulates against the cold and protects against the hardness of the wall. The backsplash dresses the wall and enriches the decor.

A personalized decor for peaceful nights

The bedroom remains the perfect place to recharge your batteries. To feel good, you will have to choose a design that inspires your nights. The headboard completes the bedding and helps to attract you irresistibly into the arms of Morpheus. The headboard gives a cozy look to your bedding. The materials participate in the result: the fabric invites you to enjoy the sweetness of life, the imitation leather creates an elegant corner. We have selected warm and soothing tones. You can bring a contemporary touch to a trendy room or opt for the modernity of sobriety.

A quality headboard for guaranteed comfort

The padded headboard covers your dreams with comfortable protection. The headboard 160 as well as the headboard 140 have a high density foam covering. You can count on premium quality finishes. The fastening system for the backsplashes sold on our site remains invisible but effective. Quick ship upholstered bed perfectly to your bed frame. Regardless of the model chosen from our selection, the complete bed becomes elegant and stylish. It remains to determine your preferences.

Our selection for a headboard with a high-end design

The Nina button headboard like the Paris II fabric headboard  seem to absorb all the difficulties of the day with class. The curved Dedication headboard gives a cocooning effect to the bedding. The grid of the Carla model  in fabric brings a vintage touch to the decor of the bedroom. They create a select universe that is expressed in sobriety, they promise calm nights that enrich your sleep. Various styles are available to meet your aesthetic expectations. You will have the choice between a headboard to be hung on the frame and a headboard to be fixed to the wall. The design of each favors a personalized atmosphere for a room to your liking.

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