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Coley Home is one of the largest stores specializing in wooden furniture and home decor items. The differential of our brand is in the quality and prices of exclusive Double bed products.

In the store catalog you can find furniture for bedrooms, living room, dining room and office.

For the bedroom, it is essential to have a bed made of sturdy wood that will last for many years. This is a requirement of the clientele, who are tired of spending money buying home High End Custom Furniture every two or three years.

To help you decorate your room, we’ve made a selection of rustic wooden double beds. Keep on reading!

Double bed: sophisticated furniture for your home

This double bed is the definition of elegance for having a lot of class and refinement in the structure. The colonial design of this rustic wood product makes any environment more pleasant and cozy.

The varnish finish on best wood makes the material even more shiny and flashy. This model that we selected for the post has four drawers to store bedspreads, sheets and comforters.

North America double bed: product with drawers and spacious niches

If you are one of those people who like to have a well-decorated bedroom, you need to know the North America double bed.

This model is practical and aims to organize the entire room. This bed has sliding doors, drawers and niches with enough space to store your bedding such as blankets and sheets. The entire structure is made of rustic cedar wood, which can last more than ten years.

North Carolina double bed: beautiful bed with strong base

Another favorite bed of our customers is the North Carolina double bed, with a bold modern design.

This furniture is highly weather resistant and has a varnish finish, to make your bedroom even more elegant. This specific model is being sold in honey, light honey and walnut colors.

These shades are easy to match with other furniture such as cabinets and chairs. The headboard of this bed is completely closed, which facilitates the cleaning process.

Are you thinking about buying this double bed custom furniture at Coley Home? Please note that we offer free delivery and assembly on the same day as the purchase confirmation.

Charlotte double bed: matte furniture available at Coley Home

The bed from Coley Home is one of the models in the store with the best value for money. The entire structure of this furniture is made of rustic pine wood from reforestation, completely natural.

The finish is made of matte polyurethane, a product that helps to preserve the details of the wood, ensuring excellent conservation.

This item will make your room even more cozy and inviting. The straight lines present throughout the property will be responsible for elevating the aesthetics of the entire room.

The texture of rustic wood is unparalleled, this type is ecologically correct because it is from reforestation, so it does not harm the environment. This decoration is highly suitable for small and large houses in places with plenty of nature around, such as beaches and waterfalls.

The entire home can be furnished with this wood, including leisure areas. Just access the Coley Home virtual store and do your shopping!

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