Discover 5 main types of insurance and their advantages

insurance and their advantages

Whether to protect your material possessions or your family, there are different insurances that fit every moment of life. Meet them here!

Every moment of life calls for special care. Whether to protect your material possessions or your family, there are different types of insurance that fit needs at various stages.

But, after all, do you know what these types are, what they are for and what are their advantages? In order to help you better understand when to take out the right insurance for you, we prepared this post. Check out!

  1. Business

Also known as property insurance, business insurance is designed to protect ventures against unforeseen events that can affect business. This modality covers industries, offices, clinics, hospitals, laboratories, clinics, businesses and companies in general.

Let’s suppose that an insured hospital, on a rainy day, suffers a short circuit and has its entire cooling system affected. In this case, the insured will trigger his claim and may be reimbursed for the loss. In addition to this, other coverage can be contracted, depending on the plan’s policy.

  1. of life

This insurance aims to support the family in the event of the death of their provider(s), for natural or accidental reasons. But not only that. It can also indemnify its policyholders in situations of serious illness and temporary or permanent disability.

That is, if for these reasons your family’s income is impaired, life insurance will support the budget for the period determined in the contract.

  1. Residential

You know when you get worried about leaving your house alone when you go out to travel or even work? Residential insurance aims to ensure the protection of your home and the tranquility of your entire family in these moments. With it, coverage ranges from compensation for loss and damage due to natural causes, fire, robbery or theft.

Other services, such as maintenance on the property, emergencies (keychain and electrician, for example) and care for your pet, can also be hired in the plan.

  1. Supplementary Pension Plan

The supplementary pension works as an additional amount to the SSA retirement. This medium and long-term option helps the insured to plan his future with quality of life.

Regardless of the modality, it is possible to hire the plan that best fits your needs and income.

  1. Travel

A vacation, work or study trip can be even better if you are safe. There is travel insurance for that . The contract includes 24-hour assistance so that you can enjoy the tour without worries.

Coverage of expenses related to medical consultations and hospitalization, early return and compensation for death or disability, for example, are among the advantages of this plan.

Did you see how you can live each stage of life safely? Now, if you want to know more about our types of insurance, go to the website and browse all the options by clicking here John Labunski.

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