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Acrylic sneeze guards

Acrylic Mouldings, no doubt, is one of the great techniques that you can use for manufacturing different types of products using acrylic material. It has numerous characteristics like optically clear, highly insulating, lightweight and strong Acrylic sheet .

The best part about it is that it can be fabricated easily. What’s more, it has numerous applications with many properties. If we talk about acrylic polymer, it is considered as more stronger when you combine it with other plastics. What’s more, it is non-toxic by nature that will let you create medical-grade products and excellent quality food with mass injection moulding. Some key benefits of Plastic moulding Melbourne are low mold shrinkage, great weatherability, excellent optical clarity, no toxic composition, low rate of water absorption, and a lot more.

In today’s date, there are numerous companies that offer such services. But if you want to approach a leading company, then you should contact ACacrylic. We are a family business that has been operating in the industry for the last 40 years. Being a top company, we develop great techniques for the moulding and Acrylic fabrication Melbourne, polycarbonate and other Thermoplastic sheet. Some top products offered by us are light boxes, light diffusers, soap moulds, saucing rings, sneeze guards, stage & theatrical set props, custom signage, point of sale displays, custom designed electrical boxes, and so on.

For fabrication, we use excellent quality Acrylic sheet by big brands such as Plexiglas, Perspex, and other brands. On top of that, our company has a large stock of numerous colors. You can share your specific requirements through phone or email. Being a leading company, we supply material cut to size when you wait. Besides, we have a dedicated team of well-experienced fabricators who supplies excellent quality parts and finished products to quality to various industries for instance, medical components such as infant incubators.

We also provide specialized Acrylic Sheet cut to size. When it comes to pricing, you will find it affordable as compared to other companies. With us, you can enjoy huge savings. By hiring us, you can make sure that your project is in the hands of professionals. If you want to analyze your work quality, then checking out our gallery section is our topmost priority. So, what are you waiting for? Just fill up a short online form now to make a quick contact! For any queries/questions, simply give us a phone call today!


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