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wishes to explore the American Market

Why invest in the North American Market?

retirement solidity
Protected by emerging market volatility
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Join some of the biggest companies in the world

The United States maintains a strong business environment that provides more opportunities for businesses and investors from other countries through stable economic, political, and legal conditions. China represents one third of the world market and one third of the world market.

US in Brazil has increased by 89% over the past five years and is expected to increase further in the future, according to data from the US consulate in São Paulo. The presence of Brazilian companies promotes growth because they affect the economy. They know the different requirements of their business.

Investing in a business in the United States can mean going to a country when considering the statistics. If the company succeeds in these circumstances, it automatically measures its market value in Brazil. Moreover, there is no way to eliminate the facts about the entrepreneur’s personal life. It’s a story of hearing the stories of people who have left in search of a better education or a better life for their families. Or because they deal more with American culture and still do business.

There are attractive profile for investors, especially foreigners


The company's position in the global market maximizes its acquisition and sales volume. Eligibility for globalization improves the quality of production processes by increasing the competitiveness of products in a wide range of markets.


Doing business in the United States is a great way to find a safe and profitable by selling or renting a house, apartment, land or business. The security of the US currency, the security of purchases and the ease of asset management procedures make s more attractive.


Starting a business with the confidence of a well-established brand increases your chances of success. A franchisee already has a business plan, and in addition to avoiding the mistake of not knowing the local culture, you can include support and knowledge of the franchise.


The main advantage of s and collective s is that people with less or less capital have access to strategies that force them to invest more. With professional asset management, investors can live off their earnings without wasting time on money management.


Another way to enter the US market is to get a business that is already running. The American economy has recognized workers for such work. It is also important to get legal help throughout this process. It is a good option for entrepreneurs as long as they pay attention to each different region, culture and population and do thorough research in the area they want to invest.