John Labunski Dallas

Business plan: what it is, how to do it and its importance

For everything we do, there is a plan. Whether it's a trip, a party or even a text. This planning can be done mentally, quickly, through a notepad or a document, something large and structured ...
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6 strategies to accelerate your business and achieve retirement success

Being in charge of an enterprise demands several challenges for everything to work correctly. Therefore, to accelerate your company and ensure the success of your business, you must have strategies to deal with the competitiveness ...
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Wealth management

Wealth management: what it is and how to do it in the company

Talking about the resources of a person or company is also talking about their assets and looking at a part that directly relates to their assets, rights and obligations. Therefore, this is a very important ...
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Retirement: how to guarantee your standard of living in old age

It is very common for most people to worry about their retirement situation when they reach old age, already as an inactive workforce and at a stage of life where they will probably need more ...
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John Labunski

5 tips to save for your retirement

We know that saving for your retirement is a worry  that is thought about ,  but it is always  left  to find a solution another day . And it is that the future is sometimes ...
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planning your retirement

5 common mistakes when planning your retirement

Going wrong when planning for retirement is easier than you think.  If you want to avoid it, at John Labunski we tell you what the most common mistakes are. We all know how important it ...
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