Accounting for the legal and tax

certainty you need to do Business

We provide the described retirement solutions in a way that suits every business to meet their needs regardless of their retirement capabilities.

Thanks to our extensive legal experience in tax law and economics, you can count on our global vision to be unique and effective.


Tax Services

  • Regular review of the company’s tax status.
  • Accounting and taxation.
  • Refine and export all information required by federal, state and local authorities.
  • Calculation and release of taxes.
  • Request a tax plan. Instructions and instructions.

Accounting Services

  • Filing, reconciliation and accounting.
  • Monthly payslip.
  • Adjustment of the annual balance sheet and recognition of benefits.
  • Check balance.
  • Communicate benefits and identify tax options that are best for the business.
  • Post notices.
  • Journal, LALUR, ledger, depreciation card, ledger.
  • Instructions and instructions.