57 Priceless Benefits for Happier Companies

Benefits for Happier Companies

Attracting the best candidates while retaining the most qualified and efficient employees is one of the most important goals of any company.

To have more appeal than the competition, however, it is not enough to offer a higher salary. Numerous surveys and research have in fact shown that many workers prefer to enjoy a few more benefits rather than get a salary increase.

In this article, we provide a list of company initiatives and benefits of sure appeal, which not only includes the so-called fringe benefits but also all those initiatives that a company can carry out to improve the quality of life of the employee, inside and outside the company. office.

The needs of workers change rapidly and as a result it is important that the benefit policy changes as well. Just think of the growing consideration to be given to working from home.

Many of these benefits are part of the offer available on corporate welfare platforms, perhaps the most flexible tool for managing employee bonuses and bonuses, especially if integrated with HR software.

57 Company Benefits to Win Candidates And Employees

  1. Water, coffee, etc. Make “basic necessities” such as water and coffee available free of charge. The most productive conversations often happen in front of the machine!
  2. Accommodation. The granting of a free rental apartment is an important company benefit especially for new hires and for those who have just been transferred.
  3. Corporate health insurance . Allow employees in your company to benefit from supplementary insurance protection that covers medical and health costs not covered by the public system.
  4. Company car . A fundamental benefit for those who have to grind a large number of kilometers for work.
  5. Actions . If the company is publicly traded, prizes and bonuses can also be given in the form of shares. One more reason for the employee to feel part of the company’s success!
  6. Notice board . Set up a bulletin board to organize beneficial activities for employees and the environment: car sharing, shifts exchange, buying and selling of used items, etc.
  7. Library . A small corporate library requires a small outlay – you can ask employees to contribute their books – and is very popular with reading lovers.
  8. Thank you card . It can be a thank you card, a phone call or a handshake, but thanking every employee for their work costs nothing and is deeply appreciated.
  9. Children in the office . Set up one or more days where employees can take their children to the office to let them find out where their fathers and mothers work.
  10. Free beer ! On Fridays, once your duties are done. Is there anything better?
  11. Baby bonus . Allocate a more or less substantial sum to those who have or adopt a child.
  12. Scholarships . Give the opportunity to take advantage of a scholarship to those who want to increase their skills by attending a specialization course or a master.
  13. Meal vouchers . A classic of corporate benefits, appreciated not only by those who do not have time to prepare something to eat at home. The meal vouchers, in fact, are also accepted in the evening by various supermarkets and gastronomic businesses.
  14. Dogs on the farm . Pet therapy doesn’t just work on children and patients! Allow more educated dogs to keep their owner company in the office, if not every day at least on certain dates ( pet days , also open to other pets).
  15. Casual Friday . Eliminate the stress of having to get dressed up, if not for the whole week, at least on Fridays.
  16. Business mobile phone . A great classic in Italy, especially for commercial and technical assistance roles. In some cases it is an almost essential benefit.
  17. Business computer . More and more employees will work – part time or full time – from home and more and more companies will choose to equip them with a company computer. This is not just an employer branding strategy: if all employees use work computers, which perform well and are configured correctly, productivity is increased and the risk of the company undergoing cyber attacks is reduced.
  18. Parental leave . Provide the possibility of obtaining additional family leave for new parents. It will be greatly appreciated.
  19. Conventions . A medium-large-sized company can easily find favorable agreements with gyms, cinemas, theaters, etc.
  20. Tax return . Enter into an agreement with a CAF or an accountant and allow your employees to fill out their tax returns for free with professional support.
  21. Showers . By equipping the company bathrooms with a shower, the most athletic employees can exercise in the morning and during the lunch break.
  22. Holidays . Celebrate the arrival of spring every year by offering an outdoor picnic to employees and their families, an ice cream in the summer and a warm aperitif in the fall and winter!
  23. Culture Fund . Many company has already launched such an initiative: to offer reimbursement to its collaborators for all expenses of a cultural nature. A better educated employee is a better employee!
  24. Development Fund . Establish a fund for the development of your human resources. They will choose how to spend it, whether in courses, seminars, events, equipment for common rooms, etc.
  25. Games. Whether it’s a ping pong table, foosball table or board games available in the common rooms, a few minutes of leisure at lunchtime or during a break serve to dispose of fatigue and regain polish.
  26. Giveaway. Give away the equipment and furniture replaced periodically by the company to employees who request them or give them to charity to non-profit organizations.
  27. Latest generation hardware and software. It’s not really a benefit, but using modern and functional equipment and programs instead of war remnants makes a difference in work – and in everyday mood -.
  28. Car wash . Larger companies with their own parking can think of offering a car wash and tuning service (oil change, brushes, tires, etc.) during working hours.
  29. Laundry. For any employee – already struggling with little free time available – having to take care of household chores is a big annoyance. A company laundry service meets these needs by offering invaluable help.
  30. Canteen . A good quality company canteen is an excellent alternative to meal vouchers, especially if the company headquarters is in an area with poor restaurant business.
  31. Music . Allow those who prefer it to work with headphones and insert a “jukebox” (it can be a simple computer with a rich music library or a subscription to services like Spotify) in common places.
  32. Company shuttle . If the company is based in a location that is difficult to reach by public transport, a company shuttle made available to employees meets the needs of those without a car and the sensitivity of environmentalists.
  33. Company nest . The presence of a company nursery – perhaps in collaboration with other companies based in the same area – is a relief and a huge benefit for all new parents.
  34. Flexible hours . There are those who just wake up take a couple of hours to fuel and those who are no longer able to perform in the evening, those who have to accompany their children to school in the morning and those who come out of work would like to indulge in a sport before dinner. A flexible time of entry and exit makes everyone perform at their best.
  35. Summer time . There are not a few companies that, in the summer, allow their employees to leave the office early on Fridays – at 16:00 or directly after lunch – so that they can enjoy the good weather and their children more.
  36. Company garden . Allocate any green spaces to a company garden. Caring for them is a cure-all for stress and the vegetables can be used in the cafeteria, distributed internally or sold to donate profits to charity.
  37. Gym. A corporate gym gives employees the opportunity to get to know each other better in an environment other than the office, not to mention the beneficial effects of physical activity against stress.
  38. Free parking . In some areas it is really difficult to park and in others it costs a fortune to do it every day. A company parking lot makes life easier for employees and eliminates an annoying expense.
  39. Extra rewards . Reward the achievement of intermediate and minor goals with small gifts, using company production or turning to objects of common appeal (smartphones, tablets, vouchers, etc.).
  40. Productivity rewards . Associate the achievement of primary objectives with a productivity bonus, recently taxed at 10%.
  41. Subsidized loans . Some companies offer subsidized loans as benefits to their employees who want to buy a car, a house, etc.
  42. Rack . Reward employees who decide to go to work with the ecological vehicle par excellence – the bike – by providing a comfortable and safe rack and perhaps a repair kit.
  43. Referrals . A very common benefit in Anglo-Saxon countries: guaranteeing a cash prize to those who refer a valuable candidate who is hired.
  44. Gifts from suppliers . Establish a policy to distribute gifts received from suppliers among employees. For example with a Christmas raffle!
  45. Respect for the environment . Once again this is not a real benefit, but employees who are more sensitive to ecological issues will be happy to work for a company that has started a separate collection system, uses photovoltaics, etc.
  46. Common rooms . Depending on the space available to the company, set up an equipped kitchenette in which to have lunch, a relaxation area, a small garden, etc. works wonders on staff mood and productivity.
  47. Discounts . Ça va sans dire , employees should take advantage of preferential prices on the company’s products and services.
  48. Seminars . Organize free seminars on the topics that interest your employees most.
  49. Smart Working . Smart working is increasingly widespread and increasingly regulated. The ability to work from home one day a week or according to other agreements is one of the most appreciated and sought after benefits by candidates and employees.
  50. Free snacks . Fridge and pantry always full of snacks and drinks are a classic here in Altamira, too bad the peanuts always run out in the blink of an eye!
  51. Sport . Form a team of five-a-side football, volleyball, basketball, etc. company and enroll it in an amateur championship. It is also a proven form of team building!
  52. Team building . Guarantee a number of team building activities every year. Here you will find 62 examples of great impact!
  53. Tutor . Facilitate the entry of new figures into the company by assigning them a tutor for the first months / weeks.
  54. Holidays . Offer travel and vacation refunds. Not only will you be offering a benefit of undoubted appeal, but you will also be encouraging employees to take advantage of every day of vacation, avoiding unexpected expenses for the company.
  55. Volunteering . A form of benefit with a high employer branding value is to offer paid leave to those who want to volunteer during working hours.
  56. Smart working voucher . A sum that staff can use to provide their home with an adequate work station.
  57. Work / life balance . Structure the business in such a way as not to continually require overtime and to promote a correct balance between life and work: it is not really a benefit, but it is one of the most important factors in choosing a candidate and in the degree of engagement of an employee. .
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