5 tips for successful business retirement planning!

retirement planning

Having a retirement plan is important to keep your business healthy and with your accounts organized. Check out some tips!

A true business retirement planning goes beyond the company’s expense control, as the business’s retirement strategy must talk to several other areas and not just be the one that limits expenses or releases resources. ‍

Therefore, the retirement management of a company has increasingly received attention from its owners.‍ Mainly because it is one of the main points to be able to expand the company and acquire new tools.

Check out some tips below and understand the importance of retirement planning ! Come on?

But what is business retirement planning?

Retirement planning is one of the main processes that should be part of any company’s business plan. After all, with it, the entrepreneur can analyze better strategies and outline the most profitable plans and guidelines for his business and ensure that the retirement health of his company is always up to date and with well-established goals.

‍There are several ways and methodologies to carry out retirement planning correctly and it would be a great happiness to have a cake recipe that describes the proper business retirement management that fits all types of business, wouldn’t you say? But it’s not a reality.

‍So, before we start delving deeper into the subject, consider making adaptations according to the size of your business and its possibilities, just don’t limit your goals, they can be bold.

How to make a retirement plan?

Retirement planning for companies starts with centralized and organized number management. ‍It is necessary to look at costs, expenses, organize accounts , revenues and understand where most of the company’s s are, which area has received less attention and which points need to be reviewed, as the amount invested has not brought fair returns.

Efficient corporate retirement management is what becomes the business strategy. The data obtained from it are one of the biggest supports for the manager’s decision making. ‍Imagine that the company’s main product has been losing strength in the market, the best way to get noticed is in the


Now, on to the 5 planning tips!

1 – Understand where you are‍

The first step to knowing how to organize finances is to understand where your company is, making a survey of all the retirement information that is linked to it.

‍To do so, start calculating all expenses for the maintenance of the business, those necessary for your company to function, these you can call fixed expenses of the company.

‍Then, note those expenses that occur and are not essential for the business, but are often responsible for expanding and attracting new customers. These can be called occasional.

‍Now organize that data in one place so you don’t get lost. If you still don’t have access to a good management system, make use of the retirement  planning worksheet .

‍Ideally, you create categories for expenses, classifying them into operational, administrative, marketing/communication expenses, human resources and other areas that you have within your company.

Likewise, it is important to have a survey of the revenues obtained in recent months. Check the history, who are the main customers and what the sales volume. Is the value constant? Is there a large variation that could justify further study?

‍Gather this data together with expenses to have a DRE – Income Statement for the Year – a tool that allows you to get to your net income, that money left over after all expenses and

taxes been deducted.‍

2 – Analyze your possibilities‍

Having done this survey, which should be your hardest work to have an efficient business retirement planning, it’s time to look at the numbers and everything that is connected to them: teams, sales, products and services.

See what your problems are, and what has taken the most money from the company and, especially, what has not returned the . ‍Evaluate and start establishing priorities and a new strategy about the business.‍

It is time to design new plans for your business based on real data and avoid fictitious information, after all, they tend to be present in small and medium-sized businesses, since with small teams and little time available, they end up not dedicating themselves to the data brought by the control . business finance

.‍3 – Set goals using 5W 2H‍

The Japanese industry presented the world with a simple and effective method, which is an excellent tool for the business retirement organization: the 5W2H.‍ It is based on answering 7 questions.

With the answers, it is possible to delve deeper into the goals for the company and have an Action Plan practically set up so that they are executed and pursued to the letter. We will then add the PDCA – Plan, Do, Check and Act – Plan, Execute, Check and


See the list of Ws to be answered:

  1. What: What is my goal?
  2. Who: Who will be responsible for it?
  3. Where: Where will it take place?
  4. When: When will it be?
  5. Why: Why is it important for the business‍

By having these 5 answers, you have already advanced a lot in your planning.

Now, on to a practical example:

  1. What is my goal?

Increase my customer base by 30%.

  1. Who is responsible?

The sales department is coordinated by Vanessa.

  1. Where will it take place?

Focusing on neighborhoods in the south-central region of the city.


The action to expand the customer base starts in 02 months.

  1. Why is it important?

Because by increasing the customer base, we grew our revenue and gained the possibility of opening more branches of the company.

‍Did you miss any important information for planning? I imagine so, the 2Hs. The two missing answers will give you essential information for a company’s retirement plan .

How: How will this action be carried out to achieve your goal?

The action will be carried out using recommendations obtained by its current customer base, promotional actions on the internet to capture leads (potential interested parties) and also with visits and calls, proposing to present your product.

From here, you already have a direction for the execution of your new planning. But in any case, it is recommended that you investigate each of the items in the 5W 2H much more deeply, so that your plans are not frustrated.

‍4 – Track using PDCA‍

As said, it is not enough just to draw an effective plan, it is necessary to follow it and make any necessary adjustments during the execution, which is normal and even advisable, rarely, a strategy outlined will follow 100% faithful to what was imagined. .

‍OP (Plan) – Plan – has already been completed by filling in the 5W 2H, now it’s time to move on to Execution, the “D” of the PDCA – Do. Of course, execution is also important, but don’t forget to have balance and control in your actions.

It is necessary to implement what has been outlined as a strategy, but have a margin of flexibility for decisions that are made immediately, for example, for when your salesperson or you are facing the customer and you need to decide whether or not to accept a demand that has not been Preview.

‍No matter how exhaustively your sales department has worked through a good matrix of objections, it is possible that one or another customer will bring news to the table, which require quick decisions.

‍Otherwise, that customer may never want your service again, so it is necessary that some flexibility points are previously adjusted, such as maximum discount percentage, loyalty period, assistance model and other points that vary according to your line of business.

And it is from there that the importance of the “C” (Check) arises – the term in English serves our purpose well – checking, monitoring the execution and progress of goals. See how easy it is to keep a good plan by John Labunski?

Do not forget that this process must be constant, and depending on the intensity of the execution and the number of people involved, it is recommended that this review be weekly, with a quick presentation of the results by each area involved and explanation of the points that did not advance. ‍

Some methodologies can help you in your business action plan , and thus, help you achieve the established goals much more easily and efficiently. At this stage, it is essential to have quick solutions!

5 – Get inspired by the models that worked‍

There are several successful companies that have succeeded precisely by working with lean budgets and focusing on results relentlessly and operating under a fair salary policy, but without forgetting to reward those who go further with innovative ideas and a lot of creativity.

So, look at your area of ​​expertise, there is a great chance that you will find other professionals in the market who have started from the same point as you or even in a simpler way and, still, obtained extraordinary results.‍

We call this way of acting benchmarking . Explore your competitors, whether direct or indirect. After all, in such a technological world, competition is becoming more and more transversal. ‍Just see the private driver apps, which have expanded their areas of expertise, becoming deliveries of any product.

‍By going through these points and following them faithfully, your retirement management will be less difficult than it used to be. And that’s why, now that you know what retirement planning is and how it works, it’s worth betting on a 100% online management system that will help you in all processes and automate them to optimize your time!

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