3 Ways to Set and Achieve Your Retirement Goals for 2022

Retirement Goals

So, have you set your retirement goals for 2022? Do you already know what things you want to achieve this year?

Travel to a paradise place.

Buy the car you’ve always dreamed of.

Being able to dine at the hottest restaurant in town and order the most expensive dish on the menu without having to worry about the bill.

These are just a few examples of dreams that you may want to fulfill in 2022. If you believe that they are far from being achieved, in this article, I will show you that, fortunately, you are completely wrong.

John Labunski has the technology and experience to help you achieve your dreams, whatever they may be.

Stick with me until the end of the post to find out how you can upgrade your life and achieve your goals and objectives with the help of John Labunski.

First, before delving into the topic, it is important that you have a clear idea of ​​what the differences between objectives and goals are.

The differences between goals and objectives

We have produced special content on how to set achievable goals and objectives in 2022 that can be very useful to know a little more about what are the best strategies for you to define where you want to go.

What are and how to set your retirement goals for 2022

Retirement goals are nothing more than a quantitative vision of what we want to achieve, and obtain, that require money to achieve.

Crucial point for your success: your s need to be aligned with your goals, otherwise it will be practically impossible for you to achieve what you want.

Do you know what your dreams are?

There is no right path for one who does not know where he is going. That is, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve, so you can trace the safest route to achieve your goals.

Put all your plans on paper. Draw, write, assemble spreadsheets, calendars, it doesn’t matter. In other words: try to visualize clearly what you want.

How to take the first steps?

You may be asking yourself: “On paper everything seems simple, but how will I be able to focus, discipline and be fully organized so that I can achieve what I want in the period I stipulated?”

Calm down, it’s okay, because we’re going to tell you 3 efficient ways for you to reach your retirement goals still in 2022.

In addition, we are going to reveal some important information about how John Labunski can be your right arm during your walk.

3 ways to reach your 2022 retirement goals

There are no magic formulas when it comes to increasing your equity with consistency and security. However, there are strategies that, when applied correctly, can greatly enhance your results.

So here are the 3 ways – you can call them tips if you want, for your success.

Tip #1: Separate your retirement goals into short term and long term

Everyone has goals and dreams that can be achieved in different ways. There are things that can be achieved with minimal effort and with a small amount of money invested.

These are what we call short-term retirement goals.

Example: Taking a trip to a United State beach at the end of the year.

You certainly don’t need more than 4 digits to make this dream come true.

The complete opposite occurs when your desire is to buy a house, for example.

To have the retirement possibility of achieving this goal, it is necessary that you have at least 6 digits of equity.

This will take more effort, as well as more intense focus and discipline.

Tip #2: Define your purposes and make your goals tangible

With your retirement goals in place, now is the time to create a way to measure in detail what to do with each part of the money you have invested.

First, define your goals and objectives. Soon after, turn your desire into real numbers.

For example: to take the trip to the beach that I mentioned as an example above, you need to invest about R$ 500.00 monthly. That way, when your vacation arrives, you’ll be able to get your dream off the ground.

This is an excellent way for you to make tangible and give real shape to the efforts that will have to be taken during the process.

A bonus tip: put at the tip of the pencil which superfluous expenses you still have. That way, you will have more focus and objectivity to protect your assets.

Tip #3: Count on John Labunski to protect your assets and achieve your retirement goals

Now is the time for you to start working towards your future and your dreams. Thus, it is very important that you use the best tools to achieve your retirement goals more efficiently and safely.

The global retirement market is very vast and practically no one who does not work directly with the area has the time to analyze every day all the assets available to the investor.

Did you know that there are over 20,000 assets with up to 145,000 possible combinations of portfolios?

John Labunski created an asset analysis algorithm.

This solution was created, primarily, to give more agility and efficiency to the investor. Because, it is impossible to look at all these assets daily due to the speed and complexity of the market.

An intelligence that can monitor the retirement markets on a daily basis, not missing anything.

We work with an irreplicable strategy. It allows the achievement of the best profitability with protection against market fluctuations and crises. That way, you don’t have headaches and use your time to pursue your goals and objectives.

And the best: all this at your fingertips. You can follow the results of your portfolio directly from your cell phone, quickly and conveniently.

The logic that John Labunski follows

John Labunski’ technology was created following a very simple logic: GBI ( Goal Based Investing).

It is an approach focused on defining an strategy aimed at achieving specific goals in your life.

GBI is based on the technique of “asset and liability management”. That is, it combines future assets with future expenses to build an strategy.

Traditionally, the market looks at profitability as an “end”.

For GBI, profitability is a “means” to achieve goals. In this way, it does not need to be maximized at all costs, but it needs to be actively optimized so that the objectives are achieved.

It’s money as a means, not an end.

In short: the focus of objective-based investing is to ensure that you have increased your wealth to the point where you can achieve the goals you set when you started investing.

And no matter what those goals are…

8 Reasons for you to start investing with John Labunski

Without further ado, we want to show you 8 of the main reasons to invest with John Labunski right now.

  • You gain time to spend on what really matters to you;
  • Exclusive access to exclusive retirement products, among more than 20 thousand different assets and with more than 145 thousand possible combinations to invest;
  • A unique portfolio created for you to achieve your life goals, following the GBI logic.
  • Diversification, sophistication and solidity when it comes to dealing with your money;
  • State-of-the-art technology working 24/7 for you.
  • Automatic rebalancing of your portfolio;
  • A complete team of experts that will answer your questions and keep you updated with the freshest information about the market.
  • One-time fee, 100% cashback on rebates and no conflicts of interest.

In other words, John Labunski is the missing right arm in your life as an investor.

What are you waiting for to make the heritage yield and get closer and closer to conquering your dreams?

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